RIEDEN, GERMANY - JUNE 11: A Tesla electric-powered sedan stands at a Tesla charging staiton at a highway reststop along the A7 highway on June 11, 2015 near Rieden, Germany. Tesla has introduced a limited network of charging stations along the German highway grid in an effort to raise the viability for consumers to use the cars for longer journeys. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Can Teslas detect ghosts?! A new viral TikTok video from @nojumper shows a Tesla driving through a cemetery at night, detecting pedestrians that aren’t really there.

The video currently has over 6 million views, close to 490,000 likes, and more than 4,300 comments.

The new Tesla technology includes a system that detects close-by pedestrians, which is excellent for avoiding accidents. But, why would this system pick up a pedestrian when no one is actually there?

Some critics in the comments say the car simply picked up the taller tombstones and thought they were people. They say this has happened with taller trash cans and things of the sort.

Other people believe it really is detecting ghosts. One person even pointed out a supposed “orb” as they drive by the tombstones, but I personally can’t see it, so not sure what to tell you.

What do you think? Ghost or hoax?

Source: The Sun

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