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Hot tubs and pools are nice in the Summer, but in those cooler months, when we are forced to be inside, it is so nice to have a hot tub or heated pool to stay warm in while still being able to be outside in the cold.

No one I personally know has a hot tub or a heated pool, but as it turns out, you don’t have to know someone with one to enjoy it this Winter.

Swimmy, a pool-sharing app, is being described as the Airbnb/ VRBO of pools. According to Travel + Leisure, the app allows you make an account, add your location, and then search for nearby pools and hot tubs to rent. Sadly, for the time being, the company only offers rentals in LA, Miami, San Diego, and Orlando, plus some pools for rent in Europe.

Hopefully soon the app will be able to expand though. I would love to rent a hot tub, but I also think it may be awkward to just rent a hot tub in someone’s backyard… This will be interesting to see how this app will grow!