The Francene Marie Show

Saturday 6:00am-7:00am

Photo By Maglara From Shutterstock

The Carolinas biggest Halloween event that many missed out on for the past two years, is back! This year includes haunted mazes and the most frightening, “Scare zones” is going to be thrilling. No matter if this is your first time ever going or you’ve been in the past, there’s a few changes as you enter SCarowinds. There is no age requirement at the event, but the staff do recommend kids to at least be 13 years of age or older. A new policy is set to take place this year by banning all bags before entering the park. This includes purses, backpacks, and diaper bags. Guests with special health recommendations are allowed to keep a small bag with them in case of any emergencies or panics. Mask will be required for everyone who is 5 years old and older while indoors.

Costume mask, face paint, and costume attire is not permitted inside SCarowinds. Charlotte’s largest Halloween celebrations will take place for this event, better bring a friend or two because you don’t want to go alone. One of the famous rides at Carowinds is Fury 325, and by far the tallest ride at the amusement park. Fury 325 has a maximum height of 325ft in the air and goes a whopping 95 miles per hour, and this ride was manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard. If you’re looking for the popular Intimidator, it’s located in the Celebration Plaza station. Don’t forget to get eat some goodies from concession stand and have fun.

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