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In the newest TikTok trend, some users are turning to kitchen utensils to try to hide evidence of their makeout sessions. They’re using whisks to massage their hickeys, those dark red marks left on the neck, which are also known as “love bites.” And while you can’t trust all the hacks you see on social media, it turns out this one might actually work.

Insider reports that several TikTokers have posted clips showing the technique, including user @thesecrethoebag, who shared a video that’s been viewed 38-million times. In it, she rubs a metal whisk over her hickey and it appears less red. In another video, Madisson Larocque demonstrates the same method and claims it only takes five minutes for the hickey to disappear. Another TikTok user, Spencer Hunt, sets a five-minute timer and tries Madisson’s technique, concluding, “It works!” and calling Madisson “a lifesaver.”

And surprisingly, doctors agree that a whisk could work to make hickeys less noticeable. Pediatrician Dr. David Shafran explains to Insider that the pressure from the whisk breaks up the clotted blood under the skin and that stimulating the area increases blood flow, which may speed up the healing process. He says there’s not much chance that whisking hickeys is harmful, but warns against putting too much pressure on the carotid area – where there are major blood vessels in the neck. And if you don’t do anything to the hickey, it will go away on its own, just like any other bruise.

Source: Insider