A TikTok user called @notbrianlaundrie is a man who looks similar to wanted fugitive Brian Laundrie. He took to TikTok to ask for tips about how to avoid being mistaken for Brian.

Another TikToker posted a video of this man at a party or club of some kind with the caption “Brian Laundry Sighting”. @notbrianlaundrie stitched the video to say he wanted to put the rumors to bed, implying it was him in the video, not Brian. People are mistaking him for Brian because they are both young, bald white men with facial hair.

The man, whose name is still not known, spoke about traveling for his cousin’s wedding and being nervous that people on the plane would false recognize him as Brian.


Any survival tips for traveling while looking like Brian Laundrie ✈️ ?#StillNotBrianLaundrie #notbrianlaundrie #fyp#foryoupage #NotFleeing

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People in the comments of his videos have said that he might need to shave his beard. The man ended up wearing a large mask, a hat, and sunglasses on board the plane so no one would false recognize him.


Heading to the airport. Wish me luck! Keep the ideas and good vibes coming! #notbrianlaundrie #fyp

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In his most recent TikToks, the man says Inside Edition called and asked him for an interview but he declined.

For more information on Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito’s case, check this out.