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Who doesn’t love pizza?!

I feel like there are so many great pizza places in the Charlotte area. In fact, this is the first place I’ve ever lived where I order from different pizza places all the time instead of going back to the same one every time.

It looks like I have a new Charlotte-area pizzeria to try however, as one just topped a new national list.

Alina Pizzeria in Mooresville just took the top spot on Delish’s new list, “The Pizzeria Everyone is Obsessed with In Your State.” Delish used Foursquare to help choose which pizza shops to highlight.

Alina Pizzeria is known for their Neapolitan-style pizzas, and one of the most popular options is the Margherita pizza.


The pictures look amazing, and now I think I know where I’m eating next time I’m out near Mooresville.