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Bad luck or a case of “great minds think alike”?

Out of all the wedding dresses in the world, a pair of brides somehow managed to choose the exact same one to wear at their wedding. According to the MirrorCasey and Tracy Marciezyk recently tied the knot in Rhode Island and had no idea what the other one was wearing to say “I do,” until their “first look.” So they were shocked when they got a peek at each other and discovered they were dressed in identical wedding gowns.

Casey and Tracy had gone dress shopping and each found their “perfect dress,” but didn’t reveal it to their partner. Their bridal party and Casey’s mom were in on it but kept it a secret until the big day. And when they finally did see they were twinsies, which they say was their “biggest fear” come true, the brides burst out laughing, not crying. The long, white gowns were exactly the same, except for the spaghetti straps Tracy had added to hers.

“We were scared it was going to happen and we even made jokes about it,” Tracy told the Mirror, adding that “it’s one of the worst possible things you can think of happening on your lesbian wedding.” But she says her mood quickly changed and after the initial shock wore off, they saw it as a “happy accident.”

Just for the record, they said they are glad the bridal party didn’t interfere. No harm, no foul!

Source: Mirror