I promise you this is the coolest story you’ll see today! While snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, Raquel Tobian followed a squid to the bottom of the ocean where she found a lost wedding ring from three weeks earlier!

Outsider says the wedding ring belonged to James Ross, who had lost it while scuba diving with his wife while on vacation. He hadn’t even been wearing it for 7 months before he lost it in the ocean.

Raquel said she followed a squid to the bottom while snorkeling and that’s when she saw something glittering in the sand. After retrieving it and bringing it ashore, the snorkeler turned to the internet to find the owners.

She posted pictures of the ring on several different Facebook group pages. According to Outsider, she said, “I had people reaching out very quickly, within the first hour. Shockingly, it took less than two hours for the Internet to find the rightful owners.”

James Ross says he and his wife had tried searching everywhere for the ring when he first lost it, but soon after, gave up hope. James says his wife planned to make him jump into the freezing cold waters where they lived in Scotland as punishment for losing the brand new ring.

Then, someone sent them Raquel’s Facebook post. The couple met up with the snorkeler and it ended up being his ring! James got out of his punishment and says he will take off his ring before scuba diving next time, like his wife had told him to.

Have you ever lost something almost right after you got it? Have you ever found something you lost like this?

Source: Outsider

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