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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 24: The "Tinder" app logo is seen on a mobile phone screen on November 24, 2016 in London, England. Following a number of deaths linked to the use of anonymous online dating apps, the police have warned users to be aware of the risks involved, following the growth in the scale of violence and sexual assaults linked to their use. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Want to boost your dating app success? Photographer Charlie Grosso told New York Post, you can’t underestimate the power of a great Tinder profile pic in helping you land “the one.” She actually specializes in taking portraits for clients to use exclusively on Tinder and charges them $15-hundred for a session (dangggg), but she’s sharing her dos and don’ts for choosing the right photos with us for free.

According to the New York Post, this is Grosso’s professional advice for picking the pics that will help you score a date.

  • Don’t do the “duck face” – The pouty expression is a go-to for lots of singles, but this expert says you’re better off trading the pout for “a happy, more approachable look that’s built around a dazzling smile.”
  • Do take photos from the waist up – The framing of the image is key and this photographer says pics taken from the waist up can be the most flattering.
  • Don’t give into mirror madness – Grosso explains that people tend to make terrible mistakes, like blocking out their face with their phones, when snapping a mirror selfie.
  • Do use furniture as a prop – A photo of someone just standing there can be boring, but leaning over the top of a chair or couch adds form and structure to the image. And bonus – it also comes across as genuine. I use this one in my blog all the time!
  • Don’t try the reclining pose – It’s not flattering and you may end up looking like you’re lying in bed.
  • Do go for sitting poses – According to Grosso, this option is “easier” to pull off and less complex than standing and if you cast your eyes slightly away from the camera it creates a more “interesting dynamic” than looking directly at the lens.
  • Don’t wear sunglasses – Covering your eyes with sunglasses is a “rookie Tinder mistake,” our expert explains, even if you’re outside.
  • Do use your megawatt smile – Agreed! Your grin can show off your warmth and kindness and tilting your head slightly “suggests an engaged personality.” I love this one!
  • Don’t pose with direct sunshine behind you – It leaves your face in a shadow, so it’s harder to see you.

Source: New York Post