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Have you thought about starting food truck in the Queen City? Well, start off with contacting Charlotte Center City Partners and they’ll guide you on the yellow brick road. Of course Mecklenburg County Health Department will step in with a lot of rules. Like, the only food that can be prepared on an open-air grill is the notorious hot dog from a pushcart. Always thought that the food on the food truck starts and ends there, but no! You must have a contract or relationship with a permitted restaurant or commissary because they know the ins and outs of what cleanliness and sanitation rules are.  The more and more I read the rules, this food truck business is not for faint at heart. There’s meetings with Health Department representatives at the location of your commissary to inspect your unit and then some more permits.

Still want a food truck? Save up some money for all the permits you’ll need for temporary infrastructure agreement for Charlotte Mecklenburg’s city right-of-way, then there’s more permits and rules for follow. All that to say, your team must be good on the administrative end and culinary front as well, not to mention your attorney, business mentor and accountant. I’ll link Charlotte Center City Partners website for you below but from what I’ve researched you’ll need of course your business license, food handlers permit, drivers license and those pesky parking permits. Letting the powers that be know where you will be operating around the city is a big rule, but to investigate yourself visit: Charlotte Center City Partners and the Mecklenburg County Health Department as well.

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