We all know pink Starburst are the best Starburst. Don’t even try to fight me on that. So much so that the popular candy even has a STARBURST® All Pink brand. One thing All Pink stands for is self-love. They want people to “be a pink Starburst”, which means to look, feel and live like a Pink Starburst every day. So to do that they created the Starburst All Pink Challenge!

In order to help people do just that the brand created All Pink #DoYou Challenge kits. The kits focus on “developing self-love through activities that exercise the mind, body, and soul.” They feature:

  • 30 days of prompts, inspirational messages, and challenges
  • Windows that open surprise prizes (and by surprise prizes we mean really good prizes but we don’t want to give them away because allowing yourself to be surprised is a form of self-love)
  • And, of course, plenty of STARBURST® All Pink

Does this sound like something you’d love? Starburst All Pink Challenge Kits are slated to go on sale Tuesday, September 28 on www.StarburstAllPink.com for just $0.99. Limited quantities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. But if you don’t get one don’t worry you will be able to access most of the content online as well.