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Australian Bushfires - The Australian fires began in December of 2019 but continued into 2020. They led to 47 million acres being burned, several people dying, and over 500 million animals killed.

Losing your dream home to a fire might not seem like the romantic setting for a proposal, but a North Carolina man saw it differently. According to Fox News, Sean Matthews turned a tragic situation into a positive one when he asked his girlfriend to marry him on the same night their house in Fuquay-Varina burned down. On September 4th, just hours after firefighters extinguished the flames, he got down on one knee in their driveway and Kellie Stanley said yes.

The couple had just built the house and had only lived there for a year and two weeks when the blaze broke out while they were out to dinner. Thanks to a Ring doorbell video call, a neighbor let them know about the fire so they could rush home. With other security cameras, they were able to see their community pitching in to help put out the flames with garden hoses until firefighters arrived. And most importantly, neighbors rescued their 13-year-old dog Memphis and saved her life.

When the fire was out, the couple was able to go inside and get anything that was salvageable. Matthews grabbed the engagement ring he’d been keeping inside a fireproof safe and it was one of the few belongings that didn’t burn. He says having friends, family and neighbors who had helped them that night there, and knowing it was the last time they’d be at the house for a long time, he felt inspired to pop the question.

Source: Fox News