The American Christmas Tree Association says there may be a shortage of Christmas trees and decorations this holiday season. The prices for these products are also expected to increase.

WGRZ says the global supply chain has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Shipping costs on all kinds of products are through the roof right now. And this holiday season, Christmas decorations are no exception.

Mac Harman, the CEO of Balsam Hill, a California-based artificial tree company says, “when something comes in stock, if you know that’s what you want, I would pull the trigger and purchase that to make sure that you get it.” Otherwise, he says, you might not get another chance to buy the tree or decorations you want.

The CEO of Nathan Gordon agrees, saying their company is anticipating people buying Christmas items much earlier this year too. And by much earlier, he means now.

Before the pandemic, the cost of a shipping container for cost the company $3,500. Now, amidst the pandemic, it costs more than $22,000. Because of that, Gordon says, customers should expect product prices to go up to account for that.

Where do you usually buy your Christmas decorations? Have you started holiday shopping yet?

Source: WGRZ

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