As the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown we have some good news regarding the economy and job market. New data from Elaine Marshall the NC Secretary of State announces that there have been over 129,000 new businesses created this year in North Carolina.

Based on these trends it is projected that the state will exceed 180,000 new businesses by year-end. To put that into perspective 2020 saw 127,000 businesses created which was a 27% increase from the total in 2019. According to WRAL 80% of those surveyed told the Secretary of State’s office they were choosing to capitalize on an opportunity and launch a business. We don’t have a good assessment of just what times of businesses these are or the number of jobs they have brought to the state. That information will be more readily available after the filing of annual reports by the companies.

With lots of new businesses being created in North Carolina do you know anyone who has started a company?

Source: WRAL Tech Wire