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All weddings are different, but pretty much everyone knows that wearing white is a big no-no, unless you’re the bride. But according to Cafe Mom, one woman started some family drama by letting her daughter wear a white dress to her cousin’s wedding and she doesn’t get why it’s such a big deal. She explains her story in a post to Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, where users set her straight about wedding etiquette.

The woman shares that it all started when her bride-to-be cousin didn’t ask her nine-year-old daughter to be one of her flower girls. She even talked to her cousin about it and had her mom do the same because her kid was so “devastated,” but it didn’t change the bride’s mind. So to make up for it, OP let her little girl pick out any dress she wanted to wear to the wedding. And she chose a long white dress. All eyes were on her family when they arrived at the ceremony and she finally realized why everyone was staring at them when the maid of honor came up and asked them to leave immediately.

“I asked why and she said that it was ‘totally inappropriate’ to allow my daughter to wear a long white dress to a wedding,” OP writes on Reddit. But she didn’t leave and instead stuck around, causing a scene. Eventually, more family members got involved and started yelling at her, and her daughter was in tears, so they finally left. But now OP isn’t sure if she was in the wrong or if her family was so she turned to Reddit to get their thoughts. And most users agree OP was at fault here.

Source: Cafe Mom