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Poor lady. This is a really strange story but if you love baseball, you might already know about it. On August 17th, 1957 baseball player Richie Ashburn fouls and then hit a fan by the name of Alice Roth twice in the same game! He hit her once while at bat playing for the Philadelphia Phillies and then once while she was on the stretcher. The 1st hit broke her nose and the 2nd one...well just hit her. That's some terrible luck.

Growing up, my brother and I or friends of mine would sometimes throw a football or baseball in the house.  Of course Mom would immediately say, “Take it outside.  No playing ball in the house.”  I would also rollerblade on the linoleum floor of the kitchen and play hockey.  Something similar would be yelled and if it was Christmas all bets were off.  Whatever new sports thing I had just had to be tested indoors first.  Even today, if my wife and I get our dog a new ball, I’ll throw it from the kitchen to the living room and she’ll chase after it causing all kinds of commotion with the cats as well.  I’m pretty sure my wife has said not to play fetch in the house.  I guess it’s just in every dude’s DNA no matter what age they are.  A video went viral this week of a guy showing off his new disc golf holster.  When he pulled out a disc and pretended to throw it, he actually accidentally let it go and threw it right into the TV, cracking it.  His reaction is every kids’ reaction when they realize they just made a mistake.