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You may wake up and immediately want that coffee, but you should actually drink water first thing in the morning to help boost your metabolism, and help with digestion. 

Ever wonder how you can carry that hot cup of coffee without spilling it on yourself?  Well, the fact that you don’t spill the coffee is a bit of a physics mystery. And researchers at Arizona State University’s School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering are trying to figure it out.

Prestige says the researchers are trying to figure out how robots can mimic the same movements and adjustments as humans do while carrying a hot beverage.  Researchers are using a ball being rolled into a cup to mimic carrying a hot beverage. They are doing this to figure out how the task can be less difficult for machines.

A systematic quantitative understanding of how humans interact dynamically with their environment will forever change how we engineer our world and may revolutionize the design of smart prosthetics and usher in a new age of manufacturing and automation,” says Brian Wallace, a doctoral student, and co-author of the research paper.

This is big news, Wallace says, because “By mimicking the dynamically-favourable behaviours adopted by humans in handling complex objects, we will be able to automate processes previously thought to be impossible”. In other words, Starbucks and other coffee chains might soon be hiring robots instead of people.

Do you think robots will eventually be able to bring you a cup of hot coffee without spilling it? What is one thing you wish you could have a robot do?

Source: Prestige

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