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Think back to your childhood – what scared you the most that seems completely absurd to be scared of nowadays? Millennials are sharing theirs, and it’s pretty hilarious… and relatable. They include:

  • The Bermuda Triangle is real and will have a big impact on your life.
  • Tearing off the mattress tag is a capital offense.
  • If you swallow a seed, a plant is growing to grow in your body.
  • You’re going to accidentally eat silica gel and poison yourself.
  • A murderer is hiding right behind that shower curtain.
  • If you turn on a light in a car, the car will immediately crash.
  • Demons will come out right after the light goes out when you’re running up the stairs.
  • Your face will get stuck like that if you keep doing that face.
  • Gum will never leave your stomach.

For the full hilarious list, click HERE!

Source: Buzzfeed