MeetBreeze published their latest survey of 1,000 college grads from the class of 2021 to find out more about their employment trends. There have been many bumps in the road for the graduating class of 2021. As the pandemic continued to rage, they left campus virtually to learn.

Their first job after graduation is still figuring out how remote work works and what ways to venture forward. Moreover, many individuals lost valuable time for networking and socializing as a result of the pandemic, which significantly diminished both internships and college campus opportunities. So how is everything going for them? Among 1,000 students in the class of 2021, Breeze conducted a survey to assess this. MeetBreeze found graduates were bullish on salary expectations, preferential towards remote work, and feeling as though the pandemic stunted their career growth.

67% of employed ’21 grads took a pay cut to have remote work at their first job. According to the findings, 58% said remote work flexibility will be the most important factor when deciding on job opportunities. For ’21 grads still looking for a job, 66% would accept a job with a smaller salary if it had remote work flexibility. The average ’21 grad is expected to make $70k out of college. The average ’21 grad is making $60k out of college.

60% have found full-time employment since graduating, 40% have not. 61% believe the pandemic and campuses shutting down/virtual learning negatively impacted their career development/maturation. Also in the study, 24% of ’21 grads that got a job after college have already left that first job. This data hits on a bunch of topical workplace issues right now, from remote work to the great resignation. It’s also just interesting, all-encompassing data that reveals a lot about the class of 2021, including how the pandemic & a unique college experience impacted them.

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