I will always think the name of this tower is so strange. If you live in North Carolina, you know about the Frying Pan Tower. You’ve seen the videos and watching them in honor of the hurricane footage. Now, a North Carolina couple just made the location even more spectacular by tying the knot there.

Ben and Audrey Black got married 30 miles offshore and 85 feet above the ocean on Saturday. This was just one day after the top of hurricane season. They said their “I do’s” only a few days before the anniversary of Hurricane Florence, which is what made the Frying Pan Tower and its former flag famous in September 2018. I use to watch it religiously during the day.

According to WRAL.com, “It was everything I’ve ever wanted, ever dreamed of,” Audrey Black said of the first-ever wedding at Frying Pan Tower. “It was perfect.” You can see photos from their wedding here.

According to ABC11, The couple said they weren’t rushing to be the first people to marry somewhere, but they thought it was pretty cool that they had a unique wedding story. “This is exactly what we wanted, this is the perfect way to start things off and for us to start our future together,” Ben said. “This isn’t the last time we’ll be back on the tower for sure.”

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