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A cart girl at a Las Vegas golf course has shared a story on TikTok of a man who gave her half a tip, but at least the story has a happy ending. Cassie Holland says the man ripped three $100 bills in half, gave her one half of each, and then told her he’d give her the other halves if she met him ‘in front of the casino at nine.” According to the Daily Mail.

Maybe not the smoothest move, but it worked out for Holland. In a follow-up video, she says the man came back to the golf course and gave her the other halves of the bills after seeing her TikTok video, telling her he wanted someone to have it that would do “something fun” with the money. He also told her she knew where to find him if she wanted to “ruin his evening;” Holland said she was going to do just that…by not showing up.







Source: Daily Mail