BURBANK, CA - JULY 17: Actors dressed as the characters from the long-running television cartoon series "The Simpson" pose at the unveiling of Jet Blue's "Simpson's" themed airplane at the Burbank Airport on July 17, 2007 in Burbank, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Big fans of The Simpsons cartoon are excited for the Springfield, PA opening of a real-life pop-up Moe’s Tavern, as featured on the show.

For anyone who is not as familiar with the show, Moe’s Tavern is Homer Simpson’s favorite bar. In the show, they sell Duff Beer, which is now also on the menu at the real Moe’s Tavern. 6ABC says Philadephia’s own beer company Evil Genius Beer is supplying the Duff D’Oh! Beer.

What I would be most excited to try at this bar though are their alcohol-infused milkshakes!!! Yes. It’s true. And I want one SO BAD!! Keeping in line with Homer Simpson’s obsession with doughnuts, they also offer a Drunkin’ D’Ohnuts Shake that sports two pink-frosted doughnuts on top of a thick mixture of vanilla ice cream. The best part about ordering that one is the giant glass you get to take home afterwards!

The bar, which opens in Springfield Mall on Friday as a fan-created pop-up event, also features pool tables, and lots of Simpson decor, including Homer looking through a fake window.

To attend the bar pop-up event, you must buy tickets in advance here.

For more information on the bar, visit their website.

Source: 6ABC

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