Risk level 2 - Going Camping - Many people and their families have taken this form of vacation in 2020; RV sales have been brisk, but campsite vaccancies have been scarce as they've been booked solid in many areas.

Travel and Leisure says a new study suggests that traveling can help people be less likely to suffer from chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and anxiety.

“Traveling provides our minds with time to relax and heal, easing worries and anxiety and improving mood,” says Dr. Kristin McKitsh, a physician at Evolved Science in NYC. She said traveling acts as a sort of “reboot” for our brains, which ultimately helps our overall health.

A study tracked 63 workers over a year and how much paid time off they received. It found that the more time the workers took off, the less they suffered from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a group of five conditions that lead to chronic diseases.

The study also found that employees who took up to 11 days off were more likely to get bonuses and raises compared to those who didn’t. Vacations, especially in other countries, can boost one’s creativity. It can also boost a person’s productivity because Dr. McKitsh explains that vacationing gives your brain a break from stress which allows it to heal easier.

The article also mentions how being in green spaces can figuratively and literally help us breathe better. Many previous studies have shown that being in green spaces, even in a more urban environment, can lower the risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

Do you think you’re a better employee because of vacation? When’s the last time you took a vacation?

Source: Travel and Leisure

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