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engagement ring

Marriage proposals are supposed to be romantic, sweet, and often sentimental, and while they can also be funny sometimes, they should never be a joke, as one man found out the hard way.

According to The Mail, a man is being blasted by the Internet for proposing to his girlfriend as a joke, and after you hear it you’ll probably be mad to.  The man shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-hole” forum that while out drinking with his friends he “got a little tipsy” and after he won a plastic ring in an arcade game he thought it would be funny if he “pretended to propose to (his) girlfriend” with it. So, when he got home after midnight he decided to wake her up and fake pop the question.

He says he told her to get out of bed in an “urgent tone” which had her worried something was wrong. He then gave her the “sh***y ring” and asked her to marry him, before he “burst out laughing.”

Well, as you can imagine, the guy’s girlfriend did not join him in his laughter. “She was crying and saying, “I can’t believe you find this funny, you know how much it means to me to get married. You take that special moment away by getting on your knee as a joke,’” he writes, which prompted him to tell her to stop being “way over the top” and then went to bed.  Things did not get better the next morning and she spent the day crying. He says that he does plan to “propose to her real soon,” but he still thinks she’s “overreacting” and being “childish.” He adds, “I feel like this is something she needs to get over.”

Source: The Mail