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I have never really been a big fan of scary movies.  I guess if they’re done in the right way I’m into them, but for the most part I can’t watch someone’s creation from the deep dark places in their brain projected onto a TV or movie screen.  I mean, have you seen Saw?  But, if scary movies and making an extra $1300.00 is your thing then this opportunity might be for you.  A company wants to pay someone to watch 13 scary movies.  They’ll also send you a FitBit to wear so they can measure your heartrate to see how scared you get.  They want to see if a lower budget scary movie can be just as scary as one with a much higher budget.  If this sounds like something for you apply here!  Below are the 13 movies they’d want you to watch.


The Amityville Horror

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place 2



The Blair Witch Project


Get Out

The Purge


Paranormal Activity


Good luck!