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Ah, I would cry if I found this in a suitcase. The Unclaimed Baggage Center found a LIVE rattlesnake and no...he did not go to the sales floor. This information was taken from the Unclaimed Bagge website.

Scientists believe a Brazilian viper’s venom could hold the key to unlocking the coronavirus.

In the scientific journal Molecules, scientists reveal that the Brazilian jararacuçu pit viper can slow the virus’ ability to multiply by 75-percent in monkeys. A peptide in the venom can connect to an enzyme of the virus which helps it reproduce.

The good news is, that key ingredients can be synthesized in a lab, so rounding up the snakes isn’t necessary. Herpetologist Giuseppe Puorto said there is still a concern in the country, however, about people traveling to Brazil to try and be cured by the viper’s venom.

Testing on human cells is a bit far off but already planned.
Source: New York Post