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Happy bride and groom embracing in the park, wedding day

According to Yahoo, a doctor reveals that she was uninvited from her best friend’s wedding at the last minute because she treats COVID patients. Dr. Emily Long, a plastic surgery resident at Harvard in Massachusetts, is currently working an ICU rotation and was using some of her very limited vacation time to attend her bestie’s wedding in Texas.

In a TikTok video, she explains that she reached out to the bride just before flying out to reassure her that she had been tested for COVID and was taking precautions, but it backfired.

Long shares that instead of being relieved she was all clear to come to the wedding, her friend “totally freaked out when she found out I take care of sick people.” In the clip, which has gone viral with over 4.7-million views, the doctor says she was uninvited because she “made a lot of people” and the bride “feel uncomfortable,” adding, “Who would have thought a doctor takes care of sick people.”

In a follow-up video, Long shares that neither testing of other guests or vaccines were required to attend the wedding. In the comments, she writes, “two negative PCR tests and the knowledge that I would NEVER put anyone I care about at risk ‘simply’ aren’t enough in these crazy times.”


Source: Yahoo