When buyers walk into a bedroom, the first thing they spot is the bed. Although you may take your bed with you once you move out of your property, buyers were seen to feel or sit on the bed when observing the room during the experiment. This is probably to help visualise themselves sleeping in the room. Before a viewing, ensure your bed is well made. You might also want to consider purchasing new quilts and cushions to ensure they have a good warmth and weight ratio.

Prepare to be horrified…A new TikTok video has gone viral after it shows just how much dirt is on your mattress and pillows.

The video from @simplysalfinds first shows a special vacuum made specifically for cleaning your mattress and pillows. Then, you’ll be horrified to see just how much dirt, dust, and other unsightly gunk can be extracted. Watch the video below!

The video has garnered over 260,000 likes and shared over 19 thousand times.

Do you regularly vacuum your mattresses and pillows? How often do you change the sheets?

Source: Yahoo

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