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Move Over Lattes, Cup Noodles® Pumpkin Spice Is Joining The Flavor Craze. There’s A Hot New Cup On The Block For The More Than 50 Percent Of Pumpkin Spice-obsessed Gen Z.

As we’ve previously told you, both Starbucks and Dunkin’ have already brought back their pumpkin spice beverages despite it still being summer. And while there may be some who think it’s too soon, apparently a lot of folks think they didn’t come soon enough.

A new survey finds:

  • Many Americans are down with enjoying fall flavors at any time they want.
  • In fact, 46% of people think seasonal flavors should be around to enjoy all year long.
  • But not everyone agrees, with 52% of people thinking fall flavors are for the fall only.
  • Those who think fall flavors should be enjoyed all season are the biggest fans of pumpkin spice (43%), as well as peppermint (38%)
  • Folks love pumpkin spice so much, 39% say they’ve even tried “weird” pumpkin spice products, including:
    • Beer
    • Deodorant
    • Soda
    • Coffee
    • Pasta sauce
  • And some love fall flavors so much they are willing to do almost anything to enjoy them all year round, including:
    • Shave their head bald (26%)
    • Go a month without Internet (25%)
    • Give up social media for one month (24%)
    • Give up their smartphone for a flip phone for a year (24%)
    • Give up vacation days (23%)
    • Take a pay cut (21%)
    • Give up showering for one week (19%)
    • Eat the same thing for lunch all season (17%)
    • Walk everywhere for a week (13%)
    • Go a year without celebrating holidays (6%)

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