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Feel like you haven’t had any time to yourself lately? You’re in good company, according to Study Finds there is new research. A poll of 2-thousand Americans looks into the ways people do self-care and even though many people see the benefits in it, 65% feel they don’t have the downtime to make it a routine. And about a third of respondents say they’ve been so busy with work, life, and kids, they haven’t had a day to relax alone in more than three months.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll, reveals:

  • The top ways respondents practice self-care include listening to music (54%), taking bubble baths (48%), and napping after a long day (37%).
  • Before a long day, people like to set themselves up for success by making the most of the morning hours (50%), wearing comfortable clothes (55%), and playing music (47%.)
  • Nearly half of those polled (49%) say the place they feel most relaxed is in their bedroom.
  • Respondents agree that ideally, they should practice self-care four days a week, but 67% admit they can’t stick to that.
  • To have more time to spend on self-care, a third of people polled would give up social media, and a quarter would sacrifice their favorite food.
  • And if they did have more self-care time? They’d spend it listening to music (40%), taking more baths (39%), or going for long drives (31%).
  • Most recipients (85%) agree that prioritizing mental health is an important part of self-care, and 76% feel every employer should offer mental health days.
  • To take care of their mental health, 47% stay active, 43% get plenty of sleep and 41% try to manage their stress.

Source: Study Finds