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It takes a lot for a company to get noticed and remembered and having a great logo will go a long ways towards that. For some companies, their logo is as iconic as the company itself, and now a new survey reveals which are the most memorable by consumers.

A new poll UK poll, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • Logos can have a huge influence on how consumers spend their money.
  • 27% of people say they are more likely to shop at a small business with a well-designed logo.
  • 50% of people expect both large and small companies to have equally as memorable logos.
  • 36% of people say a logo helps them visualize a company’s identity.
  • As for which types of companies have the best logos:
    • 27% say it’s food and drink companies
    • 23% say it’s tech companies
    • 19% say it’s eco-friendly companies
    • 18% say it’s beauty brands.

But which companies have the most memorable logos out there?

  • Well, it’s probably not too surprising that Apple tops the list, followed by:
  • Amazon
  • Coca-Cola
  • McDonald’s
  • Adidas
  • Audi
  • Nike
  • Google

Source: SWNS Digital