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MIAMI, FL - AUGUST 14: In this photo illustration, the icon for the dating app Tinder is seen on the screen of an iPhone on August 14, 2018 in Miami, Florida. The co-founders of Tinder and eight other former and current executives of the dating app are suing the service's current owners for at least $2 billion. (Photo illustration by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Dating apps are serious business and people make serious money teaching others how to use them correctly. That includes Amy Nobile, who charges five-thousand bucks for three months of flirting coaching. Luckily, she’s also given out some of her biggest tips for free.


  • What Fruitful Flirting Entails. According to Nobile, flirting is all about connecting on a deep, energetic level. It’s not your momma’s kind of flirting. It doesn’t have to be all about finding what you have in common. To make sure the vibe and energy between you two is right, you should be exploring differences when they come up.
  • Tyra Banks-Inspired Mindset. Tyra Banks is famous for her “smiling with your eyes” modeling technique. Nobile has taken Tyra’s “smize” and turned it into “flies,” or “flirting with your eyes.” To do it all you have to do is hold eye contact for three seconds with someone walking by in the opposite direction. Practicing this will get you more in touch with your warm and curious side and it should translate over text.
  • Strength In Numbers. Nobile makes it her client’s goal to go on two to three video or phone “screener” dates every week. The goal is to get comfortable enough to take things offline for an in-person date where you can test out your flirting skills live and in-person.


Source: Dazed