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Photographer: Logan Cyrus/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Apparently, a once very popular mall in North Charlotte has been sold. The owners of the North Lake Mall failed to make payments dating back to May according to the Charlotte Observer . 

The once very popular mall which opened in 2005, lost a major tenant this year. Dicks Sporting Goods moved to Concord Mills in Febuary. Macy’s, Apple, Dillards and an AMC movie theater still remain. The mall also suffered a black eye when a person was shot and killed there in 2015.

So what’s going to happen to the mall after the owners sell? According to the Observer, a court has decided it’s best to keep the mall operating.

That’s good news for the mall industry that’s having a hard time recovering during the pandemic downturn. Outdoor open-air malls have become really popular over the last few years, pulling people away from typical indoor shopping centers.

Source: Charlotte Observer