MLB Baseball - Sports are back — kinda. The shortened baseball season kicks off on July 23.

Oh, this is cold. Cold as ice. So, normally when a jumbotron message pops up at a baseball game or another sporting event, there is a lovely sentiment attached. Not this time.

You have seen them before, maybe at a Charlotte Knights game. The message might say something nice like “Happy Birthday”, “Will You Marry me” or “We are expecting.” But at a recent Akron Rubberducks game, the message was very different.  A woman named Alyssa got the surprise of her life with this message, “Alyssa, this relationship is over-Tim.” We aren’t sure what went wrong with Alyssa and Tim but some local folks in Ohio hope they can reconcile.

Some hotels in the area are offering the couple a free night at their restaurant or hotel if the two will promise to get back together. To learn more about this story, get all the details right here.

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