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engagement ring

Marriage proposals can be grand romantic gestures, or a quiet private moment between two people, and who is to judge which one is better? Well, apparently one person tried to on social media, but folks were having none of it.

According to The Daily Mail, an unnamed woman from Indiana tried to criticize a proposal on the Canadian Facebook group. That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming, and folks were quick to shoot her down. She posted a picture of a girl showing off her engagement ring next to a pizza that read “Marry Me” in pepperoni, writing, “Engagement shaming. Really, a pizza proposal???”

But while she may have thought the Internet would agree with her, that was just not the case with most people seeing nothing wrong with the romantic pizza proposal.

One person chimed in and said, “A. He clearly spent on the ring. B. He clearly took the time to prearrange a special pizza,” and “C. Pizza is good. Even when it’s not great, it’s good. D. Not everyone wants a giant fuss.

Source: The Daily Mail