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Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts 1 taco seasoning packet 1/2 red pepper 1/2 orange pepper 1/2 white onion 2 tbsp of olive oil Toppings: Cauliflower rice Black beans Romaine lettuce Shredded cheese Pico de gallo Lime Corn Sour cream Instructions: Begin by slicing your chicken, peppers, and onion into strips. Heat olive oil in a pan and place them in the pan. Add in your taco seasoning packet with about 1/2 cup of water. Sauté until your chicken is cooked through and your seasoning has thickened. Once chicken and veggies are done, put on your plate and layer with the toppings that you desire. Squeeze fresh lime juice over it all and enjoy!

We are all obsessed with losing a few lbs. Well if you’re having a hard time shedding the weight, it might come down to your personality type.

According to The Daily Mail, researchers in Australia have discovered what they say is the secret to losing weight and it all comes down to personality. After studying more than 250-thousand people, experts with the Australian scientific agency CSIRO have identified six main personality types, with each benefiting from a different form of diet. Study authors say understanding which category you fall into could be the key to maintaining a healthy weight. The six diet personality types are:

  • Thinkers – The most common type of dieter, “thinkers” are motivated, analytical people with clear goals who are sensitive to negative feedback that can lead to stress and anxiety, which can easily derail their diet.
  • Battlers – Coming in a close second is “battlers,” who are also prone to stress and anxiety, as well as temptation to make poor food choices. The study finds they need strategies to break the diet cycle and lose weight and keep it off.
  • Cravers – This group has the highest body mass index of all the diet types and they’re most likely to experience intense cravings that may lead to binge eating.
  • Pleasers – These folks are likeable, friendly and may be sensitive to criticism and social comparisons, so it’s important for them to surround themselves with positive reinforcement.
  • Foodies – Passionate about everything related to food, they also eat the most balanced diet of all the personality types in the study.
  • Socializers – This group needs flexibility in their diet so restrictions don’t keep them from enjoying social events, otherwise they’re more likely to fall off the wagon.

Source: The Daily Mail