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3d Cruise Ship Vacation Holiday Summer Illustration Concept

I have never been on a cruise but maybe I would be interested if they added all this!

There are a lot of bloggers and influencers out there claiming to know what Millennials like, but none of them are trying to get the generations to spend thousands of dollars traverse the oceans with them. According to Telegraph, Virgin Voyages on the other hand is and they’re setting sail with a new cruise ship named “Scarlett Lady” aimed at the age group. Here’s what they think we’re into according to the ship’s features:

  • Puppet Shows. There is a show called “Mr. Thing” that goes down on the boat that’s a mix of live music and grumpy puppets.
  • Tattoos. The ship has its own tattoo parlor because even rough seas won’t keep Millennials from getting ink.
  • Sex toys. When you find your way to your cabin you will be greeted with a box of adult toys labeled “Time to Play,” which contains among other things, 100% vegan lube.
  • Pre-Pandemic Clubbing. As vaccines are required to get your tickets, you can dance like it’s 2018 at the New York-inspired nightclub on the ship.
  • Gym Life. Virgin believes our generation’s commitment to fitness doesn’t take any breaks when we’re on vacation. This is why they’ve included spin, yoga, HIIT classes, and more.
  • Instagram Backdrops. Millennials love posing for pics, right? The Scarless Lady seems to believe that’s true enough to include wooden swings with neon signs that read “Live”, “Breathe”, “Laugh” and “Love.” How could anyone possibly resist taking a selfie in front of all that?

Check out the full review of the ship HERE.

Source: Telegraph