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“An unexpected journey” is waiting for you, “Lord of the Rings” fans! But not exactly in Middle Earth… in South Sioux City, Nebraska!

Darwin Knecht is the man who owns and operates the Kottage Knechtion, a LoTR inspired treehouse that guests can rent. And now, he has finished construction on a new Hobbit house-style Airbnb.

Knecht says he saw how successful all the Hobbit houses in New Zealand were doing and wanted to do something similar for the Midwest United States. He says, “I thought [Hobbit houses is] another idea that something original that nobody else has done not only in the tri-state area, but in the entire Midwest.”

Knecht says construction took 14 months total, proving to be a lot of work, money, and love. His hope is that guests will have a unique experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

The new house sleeps up to 4 people and can be seen listed on Airbnb here. You can also rent the treehouse owned by the same couple here.

Are you a big fan of the Lord of the Rings? Would you be excited to stay in one of these awesome Airbnbs?

Source: Fox4KC.com

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