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Is someone cutting onions?!? This is definitely a feel-good story, so grab a tissue! Neiva Fett, who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, has her neighbors and their daily posted dad jokes to thank for getting her back on her feet…literally!

Fett had back surgery and her doctor instructed her to walk every day. Even if they were just small walks, she needed to get her strength back.

Fett started out taking small walks outside her home and noticed a sign just outside her neighbors’ home with a “dad joke” on it. Every day there was a different sign with a different joke. Her neighbors, the Hanser’s, started putting the jokes out at the start of the pandemic to help bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Fett said because of their caring gesture and the funny dad jokes, she never misses a day to go out walking. She said it has really helped her regain her strength.

What is your favorite dad joke? Is this something you’d like to see happen in your neighborhood?

Source: Channel 3000

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