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Choosing a major / a career path at 18 is more difficult to do than people realize. Several people think indecisiveness when it comes to college majors and courses could be a bad thing, but turns out in the midst of all that flip-flopping they’ll likely hit a lot of the college courses experts say everyone should be taking to get ahead as a professional.

Here are those courses according to the NY POST:


  • Computer Science: Introduction To Programming. We live in a digital world and you should know how to speak the language. Or more to the point, type the language. The founder and CEO of Online DegreesGrant Aldrich says learning computer science will not only help you talk to developers, but it’s also “all about logic and you can improve your thinking skills simply by gaining an understanding of the skill.”


  • Marketing/Branding. You may never be in the room helping your company make advertising decisions but understanding how marketing works is important to everyone on a personal level. Ever heard of this thing called social media? Employment advisor Joe Flanagan says “working professionals can testify to the fact that promoting oneself is essential to succeeding in the business world.”


  • Graphic Design. Hiring manager Amanda Ponzar believes “having specific design expertise sets candidates apart as design skills are needed for content creation […] and both external and internal communications.” At the very least you’ll be everyone’s favorite in group chats with your hilarious Photoshop creations and memes.


  • Statistics. You’re going to end up putting “expert in Microsoft Excel” on a resume at some point so you might as well make it true. Plus, let’s say a crazy scenario like a global pandemic hits and you need to know how to stretch a budget. You will thank yourself for that semester in “Intro To Stats.”