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Heading back to the office on Monday morning isn’t something a lot of people look forward to, but it turns out that’s a really good time to get work done. According to TODAY and a new poll, the day and time most Americans feel most productive is actually Monday at 10:54am.

In addition to asking 2-thousand U.S. adults about when they feel most productive at work, the survey also asked what people do to boost productivity at work.

  • 50% say they try to get a good night’s sleep to be more productive
  • Caffeine is another popular method, with 40% of respondents saying they drink two cups of coffee a day and 11% downing five or more cups every day.
  • Just over a third (35%) take regular breaks and 30% eat nutritious foods to stay focused.

While many of us dread Monday mornings, workplace and productivity expert Lynn Taylor told TODAY employees tend to be most productive then. She explains that after having a couple of days off over the weekend, people return to work more engaged and ready to tackle their workload. She even advises managers not to schedule meetings on Monday mornings…so they don’t distract and disrupt employees’ concentration when they’re at peak productivity.

Source: Today