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WOW! Some kids are really over achievers!

According to The Associated Press, a Virginia family just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with their five-year-old son. Harvey Sutton, known by his trail name “Little Man” is now one of the youngest people to finish the trail. He and his parents spent 209 days trekking more than 21-hundred miles. And they wrapped up their adventure just in time for Harvey to start kindergarten this week.

His parents told the Associated Press, Cassie and Josh, say keeping their son engaged and entertained helped to distract them from the physical pain of covering so many miles. As for Harvey, he was happy checking out lizards, frogs, and other wildlife along the way and fueling up with peanut butter tortillas sprinkled with Skittles. “The rock scrambles were really fun and hard,” he recalls. “We were not bored.”

His parents have been hiking with Harvey since he was two, so they were confident he was up for the cross-country walk.

I gotta get Cash more involved in something!

Source: Associated Press