A 5th rabies case has been reported in Gaston County this year. The Gaston County police received a call about a stray dog that had killed a raccoon. The incident took place in the caller’s backyard on Woodlawn Avenue in Gastonia. After testing it was determined that the raccoon was positive for rabies.

Authorities were unable to locate the dog’s owners, vaccination records, or a microchip. As a result, the dog was euthanized due to rabies exposure. Gaston County Animal Care went door to door to notify residents of the rabid animal and confirm all family pets had been vaccinated.

The Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services was also made aware of the 5th rabies case in Gaston County this year so they could complete a follow-up investigation. This is a good reminder to make sure your pets are up to date on their rabies vaccinations.

Source Gaston Gazette

Steps To Prevent Rabies In Humans According to The CDC

  1. Leave all wildlife alone
  2. Know the risk: Contact with infected bats is the leading cause of rabies deaths in humans in the U.S., followed by rabid dogs when traveling internationally
  3. Wash animal bites or scratches immediately with soap and water
  4. If you are scratched or bitten or unsure talk to your healthcare professional about whether post-exposure prophylaxis is necessary. Rabies in people is 100% preventable through prompt medical care.
  5. Vaccinate your pets to protect them and your family

Steps To Prevent Rabies In Pets According to The CDC

  1. Visit your vet regularly with your pet and make sure dogs, cats, and ferrets are up to date on rabies vaccinations
  2. Maintain control of your pets by keeping cats and ferrets indoors and dogs under supervision outside.
  3. Spay or neuter your pets to reduce the number of stray and unwanted pets that may not be vaccinated regularly.
  4. Call animal control to remove stray animals that could be ill.

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