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Unless you’re an exterminator, it’s safe to say your knowledge of roaches is probably slim to none. Here’s one thing you need to know about these nasty insects. If you see one in your home, they likely have a lot of friends hiding somewhere unseen. Kind of like some of your recent Tinder matches.

Hence the new term “Roaching.” This is when someone secretly dates and sleeps with multiple people. Emphasis on the word “secret” there. Someone is only technically a ‘roach’ if there has been an agreement to go exclusive and they still decide to sneak around like a little bug.

Worried that you might need to fumigate your relationship but you’re not sure?

Here are some signs of roaching to look at for:

  • They pull random disappearing acts, where they won’t be contactable for hours/days and then will pop back up like nothing happened
  • They’ll cancel plans with lame excuses
  • They post photos of nights out that you have no idea about
  • They don’t want to talk about exclusivity or a relationship
  • They haven’t introduced you to anyone in their life

If any of these sound familiar, it’s time to have a serious thinking session on whether this breach of trust is worth forgiving or if it’s time to end things before they get worse.