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Fenway's dog, Zoe.

My wife and I adopted our dog Zoe back on May 15th and she was 6 months old.  We basically consider her actual birthday December 15th, which also means she and my wife share a birthday making them both a Sagittarius.  This is funny to me because while my wife prefers cats over dogs, Zoe tests her patients the most but she listens to my wife and misses her way more when she’s not at the house.  Is this because their astrological signs are the same?  Here’s what your dog’s astrological sign says about them:

Photo by goodluz/Shutterstock

  1. Aquarius:  They’re the most creative pets and can turn anything into a toy.
  2. Pisces:  They’re very in touch with their emotions.
  3. Aries:  They’re active and always on the move.
  4. Taurus:  They’re a little boujee and like expensive food and nice beds.
  5. Gemini:  They have multiple personalities.
  6.   Cancer:  They’re loyal and have lots of emotional intelligence.
  7. Leo:  They’re natural-born leaders.
  8. Virgo:  They’re hardworking, grounded and very vocal.
  9. Libra:  They’re gently, sensitive and love to cuddle.
  10. Scorpio:  When they set their mind to something they always follow through.
  11. Sagittarius:  They’re very curious and love to explore.
  12. Capricorn:  They’re loyal and extremely protective.