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While it may be early for some to start thinking about holiday shopping, there’s some good news that parents are going to want to hear. Looking for toys to get your tots mays soon be easier because Toys “R” Us is coming back.

After filing for bankruptcy in March of 2018, and then closing their stores by June, 2018, Toys “R” Us is trying its second attempt at a revival. The brand has teamed with Macy’s and plans to open Toys “R” Us shops in 400 Macy department stores in 2022. But if you don’t want to wait, customers can already start their Toys “R” Us shopping online.

The new stores will be built within existing Macy’s and mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe will be back to welcome shoppers. So far there’s no word on exactly how big each Toys “R” Us store will be, and which Macy’s locations will be getting them.

  • As we said, this is Toys “R” Us’ second attempt at a comeback. After new owners took over in 2019, they opened two pop up mall locations last year, but they closed earlier this year. The parent company, Tru Kids, was then purchased by WHP Global, who is behind the new partnership with Macy’s.

Source: USA Today