The MRL Morning Show

Weekdays 6:00AM-9:00AM

All I know is I used to be the youngest person at the radio station! Now, I’m the oldest at Kiss 951. I embrace the role as a leader for sure, but miss the good old days of being young and wild every morning 5 days a week!

When I was a child growing up in NJ…I fell in love with the idea of hearing a voice on the radio and not knowing anything about them except how they sounded. I was hooked. I wanted to do that. So, I went to college and studied communications, and joined the college radio station WSTK. I was a freshman and wanted to do mornings. The problem is on the college campus no one listens to the morning shows because they’re all asleep!

I did an internship at the Howard Stern Show in 1995. Worked at the world famous Z100. Then started my morning radio career in 1998 in Little Rock Arkansas.

Here’s a look at my career for National Radio Day.