NBC announced earlier this year that their mystery drama Manifest would not be renewed for a 4th season. But soon after something started happening. The show got picked up by Netflix and soared in popularity. The show stayed at number one on Netflix for weeks and still tops the streaming charts. Fans new and old, along with cast members and the show’s creator, are taking to social media to advocate for its return. And as a result, ‘Manifest’ may have life after all.

The canceled NBC series Manifest isn’t done quite yet.  It seems as though the passengers of Flight 828 have another lifeline.  A report from Deadline says that a fourth season of the series could be happening with negotiations going on right now.  Once the report came out, Manifest star Jeff Rake tweeted, “no comment” complete with a smirking smiley in sunglasses emoji.

As someone who actually watched this show each week from the beginning, I hope this is true. It’s been crazy to watch people suddenly get into a show I’ve been hooked on for years. Probably because I’m not a huge TV show fan this is a rare occurrence in my life. If you haven’t seen it Manifest is about a plane that disappeared. For five and a half years the world presumed the passengers to be dead, and then one day the plane just landed. For those on board, the flight never seemed out of the ordinary (except for some brief extreme turbulence). And not one of them aged a day.

MANIFEST Official Trailer (HD) Robert Zemeckis Mystery/Drama Series

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But they came back to a world that had moved on without them, and quickly began to experience “callings”. The mystery and ticking clock of finding out what happened to them move the plot forward while asking more and more questions. And I won’t spoil it for you, but the cliffhangers at the end of the season 3 finale (and as of now the series finale) are shocking! Manifest needs to be renewed as you can’t let it end on that!

The flight that disappeared was flight 828, and those numbers are a recurring theme throughout the series so it would be fitting if they announce Manifest is renewed on August 28th or 8/28. Only time will tell by my fingers are crossed!