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From someone who was in their most vulnerable, teen years during the low-rise jean, Paris Hilton skinny era, seeing so much body inclusivity today is so beautiful.

Brands are becoming more, and more aware that they need to offer more sizing options; one company who is championing this is Old Navy.

Old Navy is expanding their “Bodequality” campaign, and just announced that they will be fully revamping their size offerings, and including sizes ranging from 0-30 and XS-4X. The best part, there will be no price differences based on size!

The changes and inclusive size options starting rolling out this week.




I think this is awesome! I shopped at a local boutique this past week , and I wear a size LARGE, and it was near impossible to find my size in the store. Of the few larger size options I found in the store, I tried them on, and they were way too small. People are built in all shapes and sizes and it is time that brands and retailers take notice of what their audience needs, and wants!