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Buying a home is stressful, and when you’re looking for one, chances are you are looking on Zillow. Well, most of the time you put in your price range and you know what to expect. For this Wilmington home, nobody knew what to expect but now the Internet is loving it.

Just like most things, the Internet completely won on this one. Zillow Gone Wild is an Instagram account dedicating to showcasing unique homes from all over. This time, a Wilmington, North Carolina home is getting the spotlight!

When you’re looking at the ranch-style home head-on, it looks completely normal. A nice $215k home with a garage, a driveway, and a nice front yard is seen at first. Now when you scroll and see the second picture, you see an entire wall that has been turned into a chalkboard. While that may be unique, that is not the unique feature of the home they are trying to highlight. Keep scrolling and then you see it. A dance arcade game in the kitchen!

See below:


The Instagram posts are hilarious. Read some of the comments above and check out the actual listing here.